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With 18 years experience in Software Development, Networks and IT Consulting our team is ready to offer you more than just a budget. We are ready to present you with a solution, a perfect understanding of your needs and the compromise for long term support and satisfaction.  

Daniel Magaña
Technology at the service of man. Always looking of the most efficient way to apply computer science to solve current problems. This search has defined the way and preparation of my career, defining new frontiers in the modernization of the environment around us.
Ilia Naimagon
Creative Director
Creativity is his name, from user interfaces, websites, printed or other design. Ilia enjoys teamwork, surfing and good wine.
Luis Magaña
Senior Software Developer
Forged in the deep fires of Java programming. Currently fluent in several web development languages Luis is always looking for the next software challenge. When not wasting his life in front of a computer you'll find him enjoying with his wife and 3 kids. Big fan of Chess, Soccer and Football.
Abraham de la Cruz
Senior Software Developer
I am a programmer with passion for new technologies, mainly in the web, in which I have developed over the years, always looking forward and taking the challenges in a positive and conscious. Also, I have a great passion for music, Mexican all-in wrestling and football.
Mauricio Tumalan
Commercial Manager
Extensive knowledge in all areas of IT, networks, servers and operating systems are their creeds. Mauricio provides the level of knowledge and experience at a senior management level required by projects. Great friend and teammate get innovations and is a big fan of all kinds of gadgets.
Antonio Perez
Head Developer
Master on web and mobile development. Antonio brings a whole higher level in development to the Gnovus team, highly experienced in iOS,Android, Agile development and responsive implementations.
Francisco Nuñez
Senior Graphic Designer
Foethus. Excellent knowledge of media design, print, advertising and user interfaces. Able to realize the most abstract concepts in their creations and implement innovative ideas.
Covadonga Juarez
Senior Graphic Designer
"The pixels are my life." Design is my passion, it's present at every step I take and in my way of seeing things. I like to make our environment more pleasant, which is always a new challenge to offer innovative and creative designs.

We've built an excellent group of professionals over the years. As a team we are strong and capable of achieving the most challenging projects. A long term environment of camaraderie, support and constant mutual learning have been key for our success. Feel free to let us know about you if you think you have what it takes.