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19 Jun. 2012 Posted by Six Revisions in External

Giveaway: 1-Month Subscriptions to Depositphotos

In this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with the amazing people over at Depositphotos — a site where you can download top-notch, royalty-free photos, illustrations, vector art and more — to give away three 1-month subscriptions to their site.

The 1-month subscription (worth $99) that will be awarded to three Six Revisions readers will allow them to download up to 10 items per day for 30 days — a total of up to 300 items in the span of 30 days — from Depositp...

12 Jun. 2012 Posted by A List Apart in External

A Case for Responsive Résumés

Grizzled job hunting veterans know too well that a sharp résumé and near-flawless interview may still leave you short of your dream job. Competition is fierce and never wanes. Finding new ways to distinguish yourself in today’s unforgiving economy is vital to a designer/developer’s survival. Happily, web standards whiz and mobile web developer Andrew Hoffman has come up with a dandy differentiator that is just perfect for A List Apart readers.

12 Jun. 2012 Posted by A List Apart in External

Building Books with CSS3

While historically, it’s been difficult at best to create print-quality PDF books from markup alone, CSS3 now brings us the Paged Media Module, which targets print book formatting. “Paged” media exists as finite pages, like books and magazines, rather than as long scrolling stretches of text, like most websites. With a single CSS stylesheet, publishers can take XHTML source content and turn it into a laid-out, print-ready PDF. You can take your XHTML source, bypass desktop page layout software like Adobe InDesign, and package it as an ePub file.

3 Jun. 2012 Posted by Six Revisions in External

Announcement: Winners of TheAdStock Credits

We recently ran a giveaway for 100 points (worth $99) on the new stock photo site, TheAdStock. In this post, you’ll see the 5 lucky Six Revisions readers who have won the giveaway.

The Winners

Here are the 5 winners who’ll get 100 points of credit on TheAdStock.

Vitor Neves

Congratulations to our winners! The winners should have already received an email from me with information about their prize.

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27 May. 2012 Posted by Six Revisions in External

30 Beautiful Dark Website Designs for Inspiration

Using dark colors in your web design can create a look that’s edgy. This showcase features some excellent dark website designs for your inspiration. At the end of this showcase, you’ll find several more resources related to dark web designs.

1. The Old Barber Shop

2. 76 Synthesizer

3. JUXT Interactive

4. Alien Bikes

5. DesignWise

6. Indubitablee

7. Gold Top Cider

8. Gangibob



25 May. 2012 Posted by Six Revisions in External

30 Beautiful iOS App Website Designs for Inspiration

An iOS mobile app often has a website associated with it. This website is often for promotional and informational purposes (i.e. to share information about the app, to offer insights on how users would benefit from the app, for hosting videos and screenshots of the app, etc.).

In this showcase, you’ll find beautiful websites of various iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps for web design inspiration.

If you’d like to see more iPhone app websites, please do che...

22 May. 2012 Posted by A List Apart in External

Publication Standards Part 2: A Standard Future

The internet is disrupting many content-focused industries, and the publishing landscape is beginning its own transformation in response. Tools haven’t yet been developed to properly, semantically export long-form writing. Most books are encumbered by Digital Rights Management (DRM), a piracy-encouraging practice long since abandoned by the music industry.

22 May. 2012 Posted by A List Apart in External

Publication Standards Part 1: The Fragmented Present

ebooks are a new frontier, but they look a lot like the old web frontier, with HTML, CSS, and XML underpinning the main ebook standard, ePub. Yet there are key distinctions between ebook publishing’s current problems and what the web standards movement faced. The web was founded without an intent to disrupt any particular industry; it had no precedent, no analogy. E-reading antagonizes a large, powerful industry that’s scared of what this new way of reading brings—and they’re either actively fighting open standards or simply ignoring them.

22 May. 2012 Posted by Six Revisions in External

Giveaway: $99 worth of Stock Photos on TheAdStock to 5 Winners

In this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with our friends at TheAdStock to give five lucky Six Revisions readers each 100 points of credit (worth $99) that they can use on TheAdStock stock photography site. Read on to find out how you can be one of the five lucky winners!

** Update: Giveaway Period Has Ended **
About TheAdStock

TheAdStock is a stock photography site where you can buy images for your banner ads, websites, blogs, flyers, brochures and other advertising...

17 May. 2012 Posted by Six Revisions in External

Helping Your Clients Build an Effective Mobile Strategy

It can be a challenge convincing clients to add new strategies to their existing Web presence.

In a perfect world, a client would simply say, "You’re the expert. You know what’s best. Do whatever needs to be done to make it happen!" But, unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that.

Granted, we shouldn’t expect smart business managers to implement every new thing just because we tell them it’s a good idea. That wouldn’t ...