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Installing Skype in Debian amd64 (Multiarch)

18 Jan. 2013 Posted by joe666 in Technology

Here is how I managed to properly install Skype on Debian 64 bit. While it may be obvious for the intermediate or experienced Debian user it was not so obvious for me and it took me a while researching to make it happen. Please note this was only tested in Debian Unstable (a.k.a. Sid)

You should start by grabbing the latest Skype version. There is a specific package for Debian, download it and we will install it up next.

Firs thing is make your dpkg multiarch capable. As fancy as that sounds is just a matter of doing:

root@Aquiles:~# dpkg --add-architecture i386

And that's it!. Quite simple uh!?. Well, not so much, you should really have a look at the Debian Multiarch HOWTO to find out what this does exactly.

The next step is update your packages:

root@Aquiles:~# apt-get update

Right after you should use dpkg to install the skype .deb package you downloaded before:

root@Aquiles:~# dpkg -i Downloads/skype-debian_4.1.0.20-1_i386.deb

It will complaint a bit and refuse to configure the package, that's fine. After that we use apt-get to grab the proper dependencies:

root@Aquiles:~# apt-get -f install

It will download a bunch of i386 based packages and configure your skype package at the very end.

If you are using Pulse Audio It is also a good idea to run this:

root@Aquiles:~# apt-get install libpulse0:i386

It will prevent audio issues with the pulse audio server.

You are done!